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How To Make Vegan Breakfast Porridge

This super-easy vegan porridge recipe is a great way to start the day for any cyclist.

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– Coming up, we have got a recipe, with nutritionist Nigel Mitchell, this is a vegan breakfast for busy cyclists. Nigel, take it away.

– Right, so, what we’re going to be doing is making vegan porridge. So, we’ve got a cup of porridge oats, just put some water in there. So, it’s about twice as much water as what I’ve got as oats, and then, I’m going to put a dollop of coconut oil in there, and I’m using coconut oil because one, it adds great flavour. I’ll just put it in the microwave, just for two minutes, but also, the fats that are in it are quite healthy fats, and they are also, there’s a lot of what we call medium chain triglycerides. So, these are shorter fats that are easier for the body to digest and can help to fuel us while we’re on the bike. So, coconut oil provides that in itself as a food. The oats themselves, great form of carbohydrate, and they’re also good in protein, as well. So, oats are a really good sports food, giving everything that we need there.

– Right, so, we’re ticking all the boxes at breakfast.

– What I’d add to it is a few prunes. Let’s stick about four or five in there. The reasons I like prunes is one, it adds some natural sweetness to it–

– Yeah.

– But also, great source of fibre, great source of carbohydrates, great source of minerals, such as potassium, as well, and then, we’ve got some of the milled seeds and nuts. So, there’s chia, flax, sunflower seeds in here, pumpkin seeds, pistachio nuts, obviously, not in the shells, and I’ve also got in this one goji berries. So, just stick a good dollop on there.

– I tell you what, Nige, this is a trendy porridge.

– Very trendy porridge.

– As well as a healthy porridge.

– It’s actually quite cheap when you buy these ingredients, as well.

– Are we ready to go?

Let us know what you add to yours in the comments!

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