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What I Eat in a Week | vegan dinner recipes

A week of vegan breakfast recipes and a long chat on intuitive eating and healing through food!
Some food-related affirmations :
I choose to consume everything as medicine.
I use food as a way to show myself love.
I act upon my higher voice.
I feed the strength of my intuition.
Everything I consume alchemizes into optimal health
I welcome all thought patterns to come up, to reveal the areas within me that need healing. May I create a new story.
I love myself just as I am.

IG: yaknowme_hitomi
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It’s 4am when I’m uploading this so I will return within 24 hours and add more specific instructions for each recipe. And will probably change the thumbnail too =] thanks for your patience and your love.

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Canon Eos80D
Manfrotto Tripod
Studio Essentials LED ring light

– Hitomi Mochizuki –
Hey I’m Hitomi! I love taking deep mindful breaths and honoring every side of myself.. All the light, dark and shadow. Subscribe for fashion inspiration, self love practices, long rambles on spiritual truths and wholesome stuff all around!


MY MANIFESTATION WISHES : https://youtu.be/-XBMhV_4jVw

MY TATTOOS: https://youtu.be/8O8DYpCahtA

MY LIFE STORY : https://youtu.be/dpSk7s8zmx8

What are your spiritual beliefs?
I currently resonate deeply with Tantra and Hinduism. Buddhism will always play a part in my life as well!

MASTER DOC TO FIGHT RACISM from @patiasfantasyworld https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16CFLrMySyQR8cLTmACUKtHfc-UQ9PUA0ktLAfApydS8/htmlview?usp=sharing&pru=AAABcqQtDyw*x5ENS9FKeMlfA-kM6x-ajw.

A DOC OF RESOURCES: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1CjZMORRVuv-I-qo4B0YfmOTqIOa3GUS207t5iuLZmyA/mobilebasic created by https://www.instagram.com/botanicaldyke/

Thank you for being just who are you.
With so much love,



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